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We Are Committed to the Holistic Development of All Children

Children Come 1st Inc. (CC1st) was created in 1997 by Clinton and Parisia Patton Jr. The purpose of this organization ​was to bring balance to the mind, body, and soul of young children. Through this non-profit organization, they were able to create many programs that centered on that mission. From AAU Basketball teams to Summer Enrichment Programs to After School Programs and College Road Trips, they made right on this promise.


They have been able to touch the lives of countless children, helping families raise their loved ones, and providing shelter for many others. Through basketball and other activities, CC1st was able to shape the new generation of leaders. CC1st is responsible for bringing in Med-Students, Politicians, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Visual Artists, Producers, and 3 NBA Players.


CC1st Spin aims to continue the legacy of the parent organization CC1st. Holding true to the same mission, with a slight "Spin" on the original vision, CC1st Spins is committed to the holistic development of all children. We are providing our youth in the surrounding community with interactive Skillz & Drillz sessions that will help build each child in their understanding of self and the game of basketball. Not only this, we are working in conjunction with the YMCA and others to provide the necessary atmosphere to foster an uplifting spirit and successful matriculation through school and life itself.


We have recently expanded our mission to include our newest Women & Men's travel basketball teams based in Conway, SC.


We are focused on continuing to strengthen our relationship with the community to help the next generation of leaders. We cannot wait for you to join the CC1st family as we continue to cultivate healthy minds, healthy bodies, and bright futures.

Welcome to CC1st Spin, Where Children Really Do Come First!


Our team is committed to aiding your children in their holistic growth through the power of basketball and other sports. We truly believe that we can access the hearts and minds of young people to aide them in their confidence, self-worth, life lessons, conflict resolution, and so many more skills and values that will benefit them for years to come.

Here are our Senior Leaders!

Football Match Instagram Post.png

Clinton "Tre" Patton III


As one of the founders of "CC1st Spin", Tre has dedicated his time to uplifting and teaching the next generation, starting with children. Earning three degrees in Music, Music Education, and Music Performance he took the time during his undergrad tenure to volunteer at the surrounding high schools to direct an innovative Indoor Percussion group as well as with the YMCA as a Counselor, Basketball & Soccer Coach, and the former Director of the Operations.


His attitude towards children is infectious and always brings light to anyone he comes in contact with. He is brilliant in his methods of teaching these bright minds. His devotion to the next generation seeps through with his passion for finding new influential ways to bring joy and understanding to as many kids as he can.


He is currently the Head Coach of our Men's and Women's basketball travel teams and Director of our Soccer & Volleyball Training Camps.

Ali Beatty

Executive Assistant

Originally born in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, Ali moved to SC in 2014 to attend Coastal Carolina University (CCU). At CCU she worked as a Tour Guide and later became the Program Coordinator of Touring for the Office of Student Services. She later became a member of Phi Sigma Pi Honor Fraternity and was the Recruitment Advisor in 2017-2018. She later graduated from CCU in 2018 with a bachelors in English. She is currently enrolled in HGTC gaining her Paralegal Certification and works as a Paralegal in Conway, SC.

Ali started playing softball when she was only 10 years old and would later be named 1 of 5 "Seniors to Watch" in 2014 and made the Top 25 Players featured on Beacon News. 

She is newly engaged and will be getting married in 2024. Ali also has a 5-year-old stepson. She currently serves as the Executive Assistant for CC1st Spin. 

Maurice Tandy-Patton


As one of the founders of "CC1st Spin," Maurice has always been a champion for the younger generation. Maurice earned his degree in Mass Communications where he used his training to excel with young children at one of the most prestigious summer enrichment programs in the nation, "Greylock."


He cultivated through sports training an impeccable knack for balancing fair discipline and jovial carefreeness that every one of his children under his watch appreciated and developed a new perspective of how to walk tall as their full selves. It is not a coincidence that he received the high honor as the Broadcaster of the Year Award for the entire state of Louisiana.


Bringing his talents back to South Carolina as a lead counselor with the YMCA, he remains persistent in his devotion to making sure young folks find their true purpose.


Charles C. Patton

Tech Lead

Charles is a former basketball collegiate athlete (Morehouse College and South Carolina State University). He has played competitive basketball since the age of 6 years old and has won several National Championships in AAU & YBOA. He has also won 4A Men's Basketball State Championship with Sumter High School in 2015 as well as MVP in several top national basketball camps.


He is a student of the game and prides himself on the Basketball IQ, Coachability, and Fundamentals of Basketball. He has worked in technology as a former Microsoft and Salesforce employee/consultant for the better part of 5 years. Charles earned his degree in Physics and trained diving into a world where technology, academia, sports, politics, and the arts meet.


He is a certified tutor and has worked with students from Elementary to Graduate level. He is currently freelance Product Consultant specializing in Cloud Technologies.

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