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CC1st Spin

Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, Bright Futures

Sessions Begin January 8th, 2021

About Us

We are committed to helping all children become their full selves through invigorating activities, social engagement, academic enrichment, and developing their skills and knowledge of basketball.

Skillz & Drillz

Hourly Sessions

We have hourly sessions every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Hone your skills and have fun doing it! Join our sessions of Skillz & Drillz today! Click below for more information.

High School Basketball Game

Skillz, Drillz, & Tutoring

What better way to start off the weekend then with some active enrichment on and off the court? We want to help every child from Elementary, Middle, to High School. Join our sessions of Skillz & Drillz today! Click below for more information.

Young Basketball Player

Pricing Plan

Want monthly deal  on our sessions? Get a chance to join in on the Skillz & Drillz every weekend by signing up for one of our Pricing Plans! Become a Spinster today! Click below for more information.

"CC1st Spin is an innovative and enriching new program that truly brings joy to the community and the children that participate."

Jeremiah McFadden

Basketball Court

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5000 Claire Chapin Epps Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Clinton "Tre" Patton

(770) 241-2163

Maurice Tandy-Patton

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Charles C. Patton

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