What makes CC1st Spin the best choice for me?

CC1st Spin is the best choice for all parents/guardians looking to foster an enriching, enlightening and fulfilling skills clinic for their children. We are dedicated to not only raise the interest and skills of your children on the court, but also to cultivate a well rounded experience and teach life lessons through the world of sports - specifically basketball. Your child will have fun and meet new people giving them confidence to be themselves and express themselves in a way that will benefit them for years to come.

How many sessions can I sign up for my child?

Children from Ages 7 - 13 are able to sign-up for 2 hour sessions each day we have available. Children 14 & Up are able to sign - up for 1 hour sessions each day we have available. See our packages for more details!

What documents do I need to for my child?

After you sign-up through our virtual portal, you will be directed to download and sign the Parental Release Form for each child. If you are not directed to download the form check your email becuase the Form should be sent to you there as well. If none of these happen for you, please go to the Home page and scroll to "Download Our Documents." Click the button and the Form should be there for you!

How can I sign my child up for the sessions?

Please go to the "Skillz & Drillz" tab above and there you will find how to book the sessions. It's super easy!